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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The open source release of Frontier didn't shake the world, or boil the ocean, but it is steadily climbing the Daypop Top 40, indicating there is some interest. [Scripting News]
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HP iPAQ hx4705 Reviewed [Slashdot:] -- faster than my old laptop -- BL

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Open Source: Facts and Figures [Slashdot:]
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Coding sprint.PythonCard Coding Sprint The Seattle Python Interest Group (SeaPig) is hosting a NorthwestPythonSprint in Bellevue, Washington on October 23rd and 24th. Brian Dorsey invited me up to help run a PythonCard sprint as part of the festivities. I'll be giving a presentation on PythonCard Saturday morning as well as helping people work on their own PythonCard projects, fix bugs, and make additions to the framework and tools. Which projects we tackle will depend on how many people show up and what interests them the most. Recently, I've been porting Flash animations and simulations to PythonCard, so I would be interested in doing some more of that, but I expect I will probably spend most of my time coaching other people.

The sprint is free, so if you can make it to Bellevue, I encourage you to attend and learn how to do some GUI programming. Pleae sign-up on the wiki and send me an email if you are planning to attend. See you there!

I expect to release PythonCard 0.8.1 in the next few weeks before the coding sprint.

[Kevin Altis' Weblog] -- This is a significant development because it means that converted flash animations can become part of Leasrning Object Repositories without fear that at some later date when flash is updated that they won't work because the pythoncard application can be made as a standalone program not requiring a vulnerable player. -- BL

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8GB Flash for a grand. Writing on the wall [The Register]
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Red Hat Acquires Netscape Server Products [Slashdot:]
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Motorola E398 mobile phone. Review The best-sounding music phone yet? [The Register]
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Bandwidth Glut Lives On. Nearly four years have passed since the peak of the fiber-optic boom, but overcapacity continues to plague carriers, and prices for bandwidth continue to fall. By Joanna Glasner. [Wired News]
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UK Study: Computers 'do not boost learning' - Justin Parkinson, BBC. Efforts to promote "lifelong learning" using computers have done little to increase the number of adults in education, a survey says. People were more likely to use the internet for hobbies such as music-making and compiling a family tree, research at [Online Learning Update]
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Linksys sends corporate WLAN standard home. Punts 802.11a kit at gamers, multi-room music streamers [The Register]
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Have a Nice Steaming Cup of Java 5 [Slashdot:]
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Microsoft FAT Patent Rejected [Slashdot:]
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