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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Gift For You, In OPML.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed RSS and Atom feeds of your schoolís content for Thomson Petersonís Edufeeds.com, the directory of college and university feeds. The directory is pushing 900 feeds, and it grows each week. Itís time to give something back.

This week, the directory began supporting OPML exports of feeds in individual directory nodes, making it easy for you to begin subscribing to large blocks of feeds in the directory by taking an OPML snaphot and importing it into your feed reader (e.g. Bloglines). From there, of course, you can prune any feeds you donít plan to scan.

I can think of several instances where this could be helpful. You could probably think of many more.

Letís say youíre in library acquisitions and you want to keep up with acquisitions made by libraries around the world. You can browse to the Libraries-New Acquisitions node, click on the OPML icon, and in a short time youíll be subscribed to (today) 111 feeds containing information about new acquisitions.

Or letís say youíre doing research on podcasting in higher education. Browse to the Podcasts node, pull your export, and there youíll have a nice set of podcast feeds to begin your work.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Thomson Petersonís!

[Syndication for Higher Ed]
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More on Publishing, RSS, and OPML.

Just after finishing the previous post about OPML support within Thomson Petersonís Edufeeds.com, I came across this post from Rafael Sidi (who works for Thomson competitor Reed-Elsevier) talking about his recent presentation on RSS and OPML. Looks like OPML may be starting to catch on with publishers. Rafael points readers to an RSS Labs tool that converts PowerPoint files to OPML. Cool!

[Syndication for Higher Ed] converting powerpoint into an open format would be a big step in the open content direction.

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