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Saturday, July 27, 2002

Joel talks about Measurements.

9:23:51 PM    

Dave's Quick Search Google Taskbar - much better than the toolbar offered by Google itself. No need to start the browser either.
1:16:19 PM    

Streams and Formatters in .NET.

There's a great article over on DevX that covers the Stream and Formatter architectures. It does so from a VB.NET point of view, which is fine because the article is attempting to teach people converting from VB6- to VB.NET to move away from the proprietary VB file operations. In general, the article is generic enough that the knowledge is applicable in all languages and is definitely worth the read.

[Drew's Blog]
12:56:19 PM    

What Buddhists Know About Science. Tibetan Buddhists described advanced neurological concepts 2,000 years before science had the technology to discover them. By Daithí Ó hAnluain. [Wired News] [ (Jørgen Larsen)]
12:55:28 PM    

For those of you not exposed to Unit Testing using Extreme Programing (shame on you!), here is an introduction in .NET. [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]
12:54:26 PM    

Loading a DataSet from Multiple Tables [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]
12:53:44 PM    

Database Edits using the ObjectList Mobile Web Control. The ObjectList mobile web control is one of the most powerful and versatile of the controls that are provided as part of the Mobile Internet Toolkit. This example demonstrates the use of this control to update and delete content in a database from any browser capable mobile device.
[Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]
12:52:19 PM    

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