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Monday, March 03, 2003

You know I'm beginning to see why so many people complain about the Radio News Aggregator. For now I'm sticking with it.

Its been a cool 2 months (almost) since my last post and I have been very busy at work. The only reason this is making it right now is because my daughter has the flu and I'm staying home with her.

So what cool things have I seen lately? Here are some links and notes and stuff. Yes, just because I'm not posting doesn't mean I've stopped reading.

Gordon has updated his VS macro for NUnit to work with ver 2 of NUnit. Wish I had a chance to try it out.

As always, Mike Gunderloy has an absolute plethora of links, tools and gizmo's. I've been readin g his stuff every evening. Thanks Mike! has a nifty article on "How to interview a programmer" . Read it here

Scott Hanselman has a link to a nifty little util prgrm. Net Ping.  He also refers to Printing Line Numbers while in Debug Mode - sweeeet !

And speaking of debugging Matt.Griffith had the following link to "early & adopter" on how to tell in code if the debugger is running.

Peter and Justin are bouncing ideas back and forth. Its that general scenario right there, amongst other things, that ended up convincing me that datasets are not all that bad.

And while reading Peter's blog I came across Maverick.NET  - a mvc framework for .NET. Interesting stuff.

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