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Sunday, September 18, 2005

  1:18:41 AM  
The key for now is that Robb's Law says this thing is moving here:


See you there, or here as it may appear there soon.

  12:31:18 AM  
Much pain here in Radio land. Radio continuing to give me problems. Latest being nasty fatal errors trying to open the Radio application in the background to fix all the bad links on the site.

Friday, September 16, 2005

  12:33:07 AM  
Nope, looks like once I turn on FTP, whenver I turn it off and wish for it to publish back to Userland.  It continues  to point to the FTP site.  This sucks and appears very reprocible.

  12:25:01 AM  
The permalinks are fixed too. Well, kinda fixed.  They have loads of them now pointing at this blog's temporary home during testing so they look like they work.

Now to get things straightened out I pointed this to FTP elsewhere and now we will point it back at the Userland servers. Keep your fingers crossed.

  12:22:53 AM  
OK, I think I've returned. Oh the computer pain which stalled

kRadio and then the procrastination which kept it on hiatus. I

think we are back.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

  2:15:59 AM  
Where the heck is Kevin ? Hmmmm......

Monday, June 21, 2004

  1:08:18 AM  

The other major time killer recently ? the business is swamped with viruses (virii ?) taking over the world.  Integrity's customers new and old are getting eaten alive by virus and spyware problems.  The kitchen has a wall of computers stacked waiting for attention.  This is good for the business, yet not for the future outlook in PC land.  This is the most evil guy, Mr. Sasser.  This one has been particularly nasty this weekend, WOM_AGOBOT.WF

If you don't have your Windows updated with the latest patches, you are a sitting duck.  I have seen some machines do some bizarre things in the last couple weeks.   Don't let anyone fool you into thinking if you have only a dialup you are less of a target.  It closes the window but these suckers are evil.  You need your Windows patched now, and for always....

  1:04:26 AM  

One of the things taking me away and keeping me quite busy ? I inherited this site to keep me busy. No notice, no transition, just here, I'm done. Some people just don't get it. Either way, it will be revved up from here on in.

In the last 3 weeks we have moved from Yahoo disasterous webhosting to a new smaller web host who I've used for a few years, Onsmart.net. Our domain got cut loose into the domain twilight zone landing with Yahoo's registrar in Melbourne Australia Melbourne IT. We have stabilized and will begin to get this site in order. Bye bye old junk cut and paste hell. Yahoo doesn't even provide PHP for less than 20 bucks and to top it off couldn't fix their own system so we could upgrade our service.

  12:57:17 AM  
What is the world coming to ?  Devil Rays Notch 11th Win in a Row

  12:55:29 AM  
I have desperately missed my aggregator.  Time to visit, it's been like withdrawal as I keep meaning to take the time to crank Radio up and just haven't.   I heard today, what is a weblog ? I tried to answer, I've answered before, somehow my mind was elsewhere on someone else's glass ball.

  12:53:32 AM  
There have been more than a few things which made me want to crank this sucker back up.  Yesterday, well more like a couple of days ago Dave Winer had some hosting problems and amongst the fun, this was posted In Defense of Dave.  I really like the rubber and glass balls.  Shattered, this can happen, does happen daily.  Are you going to shatter someone else's ball ??

  12:35:52 AM  
Whoah, where have I been ? never did fix the darn links here.  Need to get this up and running.

Monday, May 03, 2004

  12:34:25 PM  
CNET has the Google prospectus in PDF format. [via Scripting News]

Saturday, May 01, 2004

  1:56:05 AM  
Letter From the Founders //  If you haven't seen this already, it's a good read.  It sounds great but from what I've seen Google doing in the weblog world they sure don't look like the same company.   They stood for good but lately ???

  1:44:32 AM  
A success story that taps Silicon Valley's geeky roots. csmonitor.com

  1:41:05 AM  
Gateway to cut another 1,500 jobs. Gateway Inc. plans to reduce its headcount by another 1,500 people, or about 40 percent of its staff, in a continued effort to streamline the company and return to profitability. [InfoWorld: Top News] // Ouch.

  1:38:42 AM  
"As far as I'm concerned, it's the first time in America that we've had a Superior Court judge bend over backwards to see if an elephant is happy," - Ruby the Elephant Monitored for Happiness

  1:13:33 AM  
Maria finds work - Shriver to Interview Horn for NBC, seen her lately ?  looks like she's completely abandoned eating.  I keep thinking about her story of her love of peanuts early in her career and the problems this presents for someone looking to be on camera.  Still she was on Oprah a night or two ago and I had to close my eyes and listen because it was like something out of a horror movie.

  1:08:45 AM  

Robert McChesney,of the Free Press, which describes itself as a national media reform group: "The stench of corruption here is extraordinary"

'NightLine' War Dead List Causes Uproar

Friday, April 30, 2004

  5:00:06 PM  
Gary is adopted :-)

  4:10:11 PM  
ABC NightLine: The Fallen

Thursday, April 29, 2004

  1:48:08 AM  
Damn.  My permalinks are broke.  They are pointing to my foster home weblog rather than kRadio.  Radio sucks.  Two completely seperate installs with different data yet they have somehow found their way together.  This is a problem for tomorrow.

  1:44:13 AM  

Rock For Relief

"Help Without Warning"

Friday, April 30, 2004
Doors Open 4 PM

Tickets at the Door $15.00 (Price includes A Full Buffet Meal)

Paramont Catering Hall
2411 St Vincent's Ave. in LaSalle, Illinois

Rock For Relief is being organized by Clique Records Owner Kevin Chalfant.
Kevin said, "On behalf of everyone involved with this event, we would like
to extend our deepest thoughts and prayers to those families effected by
this terrible tragedy." "In one way or another, we are all connected to
someone who has sacrificed through this experience." "Unfortunately, many
families have paid the ultimate price and have lost a loved one."  "We have
so much to be thankful for here in beautiful LaSalle County." "Let's come
together and show love for our good neighbors.".

"We urge our friends and families to please come out and support these
"We would like to thank our many sponsors, radio stations, TV
stations, and newspapers for helping get the important information out to
the public


Performing Will Be

Kevin Chalfant & The Storm

The Steve Sharp Band

Sympton of Society

Lizzy Neal Band

The JuJu Kings

Snap Holiday

Picture This

The Chosen

The Crowd

Plan "B"


Current Sponsors Include

The Radio Group & 100.9 ROCKS!   

The Loop   

Classic Rock 102.9


Garvey Marine


Siemen Corporation  


1st National Bank of Grand Ridge

JMS Premier Homes   

Mautino Distributing   

ACM Distributing   

US Foods  

Paramont Catering

All Joe's Station House Pizza's    

Commercial Fast Print   

Don Lewis Lights & Sound

Callaway Satellite  

Dynamic Designs Screenprinting   

  1:21:13 AM  
KC ?  Kevin Chalfant, lead singer of the Storm , Two Fires, 707 and the force behind Clique Records..  He is leading Rock for Relief in La Salle Peru Friday April 30th. 

  12:50:51 AM  
Utica storm pictures.  WOW !  via KC.  These are really good.  I need to massage a couple so we can see as they are darrrrrrkkkkkk but click here if you have a big hose.  If not, click and check back in the morning as there is not a thumbnail in site.   These pics come from James Krancic of Vermilion River Photography.  Incredible work.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

  3:01:07 PM  

"That was true even though programmers in India cost Bladelogic $3,500 a month versus a monthly cost of $10,000 for programmers in the United States. "The cost savings in India were three to one," Mr. Ittycheria said . "But the difference in productivity was six to one." - Send Jobs to India? Some Find It's Not Always Best. nytimes.com  [via All Headline News - Top News and Headlines]

  2:43:42 PM  

Bill to bounce back CD-ROMs gets dumped. The California State Assembly has voted down a bill that would have required companies to include a stamped envelope with every CD-ROM that they mass-mail to households. [CNET News.com]

//  Hey I like this idea.  

A quote:  "AOL applauded the vote outcome, saying that the bill 'would have unnecessarily taxed the software industry'" // I have one word for this, krap.  Only company on the face of the earth this is bad for is AOHell.  Speaking of "on earth", they are covering the earth with CDs which we don't want.  The only way they can sell the service is to get the CD in the hands of unknowledgable users because if they had to rely on people going out of their way to pursue and buy it, they'd be out of business.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

  6:16:42 PM  
More via Daypop Top 40,  warning this is not for the faint of heart, Some Picture A Friend Brought Back From Iraq . I started fixing some of the pics here and I think decided they were better dark because you can't see the carnage.  Yet, isn't this the problem ? the powers that be don't want us to see the carnage and here I am looking and not wanting to see it either.  What a mess.  Dubbya has to go.

  6:06:10 PM  

Sometimes I forget to visit Daypop for days.  It never fails when I do see the masses have latched on to something entertaining:  


// No matter what !

  3:41:09 PM  
Offshoring foes protest at IBM annual meeting. Sporadic chants of "Offshore the CEO!" punctuated a gray Tuesday morning here in Providence, Rhode Island, as about two dozen picketers representing a group of current and former IBM Corp. employees welcomed attendees to the company's annual meeting. [via InfoWorld: Top News] // Highlighting all mine.

  12:54:25 PM  
Gary Wolf: "There is a clear parallel between the excitement of the PointCast days and the enthusiasm for RSS today." [via Scripting News]

  12:52:14 PM  
More trademark hijakcing....Axa sues Google over trademark

  12:50:45 PM  
Prince Brings Funk to Viacom Stations (Reuters). Reuters - Prince will take over Viacom's airwaves Wednesday night for a 30-minute concert special. [via Yahoo! News - Entertainment - Music//   Why ?  

  12:47:11 PM  
Toshiba taps UPS for laptop repairs. The PC maker will use UPS's network of drop-off locations, as well as its repair technicians and supply chain, to streamline the way it handles notebook repairs. [CNET News.com //  this is an awesome idea.  I've never been fond of the Toshiba laptop designs but they do well in most any study I've seen of happy laptop owners.  This is enough to get me to look again.

  12:45:02 PM  
Cancer ?  Terrorism ? Hmmm........she didn't hit it right on the head but close enough to get me thinking.  Definitely something which makes me go hmmm.....

  12:41:29 PM  

The journey to good stuff:

Not a Fish: " To survive cancer we must be very strong and determined. To survive cancer we must inflict unspeakable agony on ourselves." - Terrorism is cancer

  12:20:57 AM  
This serves 'em right for putting this debacle on channel 26 and CTV.  No one can watch so we will pretend this didn't happen.

Monday, April 26, 2004

  11:42:55 PM  
Can every airline please buy a 7E7.  Look at these cabins. [John Robb's Weblog] // Worth a peek, imagine if flying meant cabins like these ?

  11:15:51 PM  
Pain-Free Tot Is Menace To Herself. www.cbsnews.com - Apr 26 2004 23:9:22 GMT [All Headline News - Top News and Headlines] // Sheri pointed me to an article about this girl in the Trib yesterday. I brought the newsprint with me to find it to add to the blog but ran across this before searching.  Everytime you think you've got it bad, imagine this.  I squirmed reading it repeatedly.

  4:37:49 PM  
Advertisers face up to TiVo reality. National advertisers plan to cut spending on TV commercials as ad-skipping devices take hold, according to a survey. Web advertising is expected to benefit from the shift. [CNET News.com // What is next ? I don't watch commercials anymore, well seldom is more accurate.  Seems like adervtising at the ball game will be better cause the need to see the sports close to real time makes me see commercials.  Otherwise commercials just make me want to turn it off.  Go HBO.  If I could only pay for HBO & CMT it would be a beautiful world ;-)

  4:32:33 PM  
NY Times article breaks down Google ownership. [Scripting News] // Interesting.

  4:24:37 PM  
Jennifer Hudson Not Shocked by 'Idol' Vote (AP). AP - The rest of the country was stunned, but Jennifer Hudson says her ejection this week from "American Idol" didn't surprise her. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment - Music //  If you're watching this, this was crushing.  If you are not, well only you are missing out.  It's amazing to watch this show from the beginning when they weeded out the clowns to now.  Watching Jennifer Hudson improve throughout the show was amazing.  The red headed kid John can't shing anything but Dean Martin crooming and he is still around.  AMAZING.  The look on his face each week as he survives each of his horrible performances is great.  He knows he is the weakest singer there and should have been sent packing weeks ago yet he keeps surviving.  Watch his face each week he survives, he knows he's getting away with something.  Thank god for Simon cause he lets the ones who are not cutting it know as directly as possible.

  4:12:05 PM  
Country Singer Messina Finishing Rehab (AP). AP - Country singer Jo Dee Messina is in an alcohol rehabilitation program in Utah, her manager confirmed Friday. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment - Music //  Hate to see this but if it gets rid of the svengali (sp?) of a boyfriend, she will be in better shape.  Marrying the manager is never a good idea.  Jo Dee a drunk ?  What is the world coming too ?

  1:56:56 AM  
Abortion rights protest packs National Mall.// Yes !  Dubbya must go.

  1:51:52 AM  

Found it, Starbuck's parody here.  Sure wish I could point directly to Eric's and Leigh's blogs with permalinks to their trading off posts but their blogging tools suck.  Sure seems like Blogspot has the permalinks but they sure don't work for finding the exact post.  Leigh's post copied here cause it is worth it:

"The Pros and Cons of being a Columnist for a Hot Shit Newspaper.

Sure, you may have editors who'll ferret out your typos and put an end to your endless run-on sentences. You may get a paycheck that enables you to subject you and your spouse to a transatlantic flight with 6 year old twins and call it a "vacation". But if you want people to see a link you found of a Starbucks parody, you have to turn to some C-level potty-mouthed blogger and get her to do it for you. Tsk.

  1:24:17 AM  
Need to find the Starbucks thing from about a week back.  Eric pointed to another blog so we would all see if without him pointing cause the Tribsters would have frowned on it.  Hmm......I will find it.

  1:23:05 AM  

"Forgent's critics say the new lawsuit is yet another example of how the practice of using patents to generate revenue is endangering the computing industry"

Forgent Sues Over JPEG Patent. Forgent Networks says it owns a key algorithm in the JPEG picture format, and intends to get 31 of the computing industry's biggest companies to pay for it. By Amit Asaravala. [via Wired News] // krap.  Feels good to type that after a long time away.  Companies who can't make money decide to try to scam it off the back of companies who can.  Do they go after everybody ? never.  Only those who they think will pay them to go away.  Seems like the Michael Jackson pattern here.   Too bad for Mr. Jackson there aren't a bunch of him they could go after.   Seems SCO has had some trouble on their conniving hands in the last few days too.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

  11:59:06 PM  

  11:36:20 PM  
Pacman ?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

  12:55:34 PM  
Through EricFlag draped coffins and mosaic of the war dead becoming the image of Dubbya. Check out the big one if you have a hose which can handle it or you have some time on your hands if you don't.

  12:27:43 AM  
Oh man the events page is a disaster.  It could be awhile before kRadio gets tuned in properly.

  12:26:50 AM  
Radio sucks.  It is not upstreaming.  Off we go to figure out why. 

  12:25:57 AM  
And the opposite ?  Software that sucks ?  Acrobat 6.0.   I went this route when rebuilding as it was simple and I couldn't find a copy of 5 quickly.  Major mistake, what a hog, slow as mollasses (sp?).  Tossed it today and returned to 5 which is a beautiful thing.

  12:19:54 AM  
Just made my yearly contribution to Userland.  40 bucks, though Radio is far from perfect, it truly kicks butt at what it does and I can't live without it.  Reminder to self to create that list of software you can't live without.

  12:18:45 AM  
Wow, been down for quite some time.  Why ?  Cause Windowze XP went out to lunch on my main machine and I had to rebuild the whole machine.   This was painful and kRadio or the personal blog is far down the priority list.  Worst part was I was aggregator less for quite some time.  Glad to be back, not like the readership here is beating down my door but it's an avenue to vent, preach and who knows what else. 

Thursday, March 25, 2004

  12:03:03 AM  
Drudge hits a new low: American Idol Producers Debate Simon 'One Finger Salute'.  Jaaaaaannnnnneeetttt !

  12:00:05 AM  


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