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18 March 2002

Lots of noise and not much signal in the Flash community about the general reliabiltiy of Flash MX - it' s too early to tell which problems are bugs and which are just people not understanding new features and ways of working/coding. I'll definitely try and gather the info, but for now it's just too early to tell.
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The continuing story of "Yeah, like, dude, we could, y'know, turn it into a bong, huh,huh!"

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Next steps - get Radio to render pages out in a nice Flash friendly format and start integrating some of the other elements of the Radio look. There's a nice MX calendar component that should could come in handy.
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Flash MX OPML renderer - you'll need the new Flash 6 plug-in, it's a very quick kludge at the moment, no loading screen, but it's only 38k so give it a few seconds. One of the Macromedia components seems to be buggy (the FTree component) or alternatively just doesn't fit into my brain as being correct. Sometimes you just have to change the shape of the hole to get the square peg in...

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Still hacking away at MX code, seem to have come up against a problem with one of MM components - more of which later.

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Photofit Flash App - hours of fun and some nice coding & presentation  

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Inheritance in Flash MX - everybodys still talking about it - the Flash best practices document from Macromedia has the 'official' way but it's not without problems. Two of the Flash heavyweights have their say - Branden Hall with his Protolink & Dave Yang with his comments. Still no clear winner, but Branden's method is v.elegant.

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