Freitag, 20. Juni 2003

Update your links: is the new home of my weblog.   

Exporting: Currently trying to get my Radio posts exported so I can import them into MT.   

Moving update: Ok, my new domain is active, MovableType is running and now I'm going to work on moving the posts over..   

Rocking: Just upgraded my Powerbook from 256 to 640 Megs of memory. Now we're rocking.   

Speeding up a Windows system: Over the years, my W2K laptop (700 Mhz) has become increasingly slower. It takes longer to start programs and the explorer takes forever to show the files on each drive. Everything seems to have slowed to a crawl. Short of reformatting the whole thing - what can I do? Are there tools available that will tell me why the performance has dropped and what may be the cause?   

Looking for a logo: If you're good at quickly drawing up a logo that has something to do with penguins and could send me something pretty quickly then drop me an email. I'll then let you know what I'm after. Due credit given - of course.   

New domain: The fog of my blogging move is starting to clear. I signed up with a new provider yesterday evening and already I find their support outstanding. I will point to them just as soon as everything else is set up (you never know). I will also be getting my own domain and using that as "home base". I have several domains already, but none of them fit. The new domain has something to do with penguins. More later.   

Rebooting: An event I would liked to have gone to if I wasn't zipping of to everywhere else in the next few weeks. Follow what's happening here. Ben, Dan Gillmor and others are there.   

Travel plans: It has become somewhat funky to announce travel plans via your weblog - so here you go: I'll be in Vienna, Austria next week from Wednesday evening until Friday. Doing a Cocoon training and also going the the Cocoon Stammtisch. After a week back home, I head off to Portland, Oregon for O'Reilly OSCON. On the Monday during OSCON I'll be heading down to the Valley for a day. Hooking up with Ovidiu hopefully for some sights and sounds. Then after a couple of days home it looks like I'll be heading to Bristol UK for a couple of days - but that is still tentative at the moment.   

Weekend reading: How to find a man in Europe and leave him there. Read. In search of the perfect meeting. Read. (via Stefan)   

Sam Ruby, Web services visionary: I think this is the first interview with Sam that I've read.   

  Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2003

Blog moving: I have decided to my weblog from the Radio based approach elsewhere. Radio is a neat tool if you don't need much flexibility. I've been using it for over a year now and I have grown quite used to it. But once you need to say blog from different computers or want additional functionality (trackback anyone?) then it lacks the features of other weblog tools. I have also grown increasingly unhappy at the companies attitued towards other blogging tools and the lack of updates in the past months. Is Radio going anywhere?

So, I'm moving. Stay tuned.   

Public holiday: Today is a holiday here so we're having a quiet day. Breakfast with friends and now I'm installing this and that onto the powerbook. Lazy.   

  Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2003

Free lunches? We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, at OSCON this year - O'Reilly seems to be taking the concept to another level. Not only will there be free (sponsored) lunches on Wednesday and Thursday but take a look at the sponsor. Then read this and this.   

  Dienstag, 17. Juni 2003

Orixo feedback: Quite a bit of feedback on Orixo - Bertrand, Steve, Eric, Ovidiu, Gregor, Arje, Tony, Stefano. Most of the feedback has been very positive towards what we are trying - which is great.   

What does Orixo mean: Ovidiu wants to know. Orixo is a play on the Japanese word for "Weaver". Orico. We wanted to express the fact that apart from the obvious reference to the Web, we are also trying to carefully weave the business into (our area of) Open Source.   

  Montag, 16. Juni 2003

Orixo background: I wrote up some background on Orixo here.

Update: The link was wrong. Corrected.


Orixo launched: Commercial support for Open Source solutions just got better.   

Countdown: Counting down to Noon (MEST).   

  Sonntag, 15. Juni 2003

The Interview: Some time I ago I approached Tim O'Reilly about doing an interview for publication in a German IT weekly. He agreed and so I sent him about 10 questions dealing with Open Source in general and focussing on commercial involvement. After a while he answered the questions and sent me a total of 10 pages. I was quite surprised (in a positive sense) as he had obviously taken time to answer the questions very thoroughly with lots of additional pointers to further information. Unfortunately I had to translate the whole thing into German which proved to be rather time-consuming. Anyway, I completed the translation a week or so ago, got O'Reilly Germany to double-check and then on Friday sent the whole thing off to the IT weekly. We'll see how much of it they then publish. Hopefully both the original interview and the complete German translation will be online before too long.   

  Samstag, 14. Juni 2003

The later the evening: Now watching and listening to "Billy Joel - Live at Yankee Stadium". Can't beat that. (If you're my age :-))   

Evening thought: How does Hulk keep his pants on? Here.   

Gearing up: Today, while not preparing Victoria's birthday party (8 girls for a sleepover), I am writing and translating press-releases. Ugh. Things are made somewhat better by listening (and watching)to  "Styx - Return to Paradise" on the Powerbook.   

Gianugo blogs: Gianugo, my Italian weaver friend is blogging. Welcome!