Freitag, 28. März 2003

War Spam: Just a quick observation - an increasing amount of the spam mail I receive has war-related subjects. The actual messages themelves are still the same as before and have little to do with whore. ooops.   

Back-to-Iraq-In-Turkey: Christopher Allbritton has made it to Turkey. Read his reports here. Of course I do hope he really is in Turkey.   

sunBow 1.0 announced: Read all about it.   

Pocket PC Outliner?: I'm looking for an outliner application (like the outliner in Radio or OmniOutliner for Mac OS X) for Pocket PC 2002 - any ideas?

2 minutes later: Ok, here's one - and here - and here. But which one is the best? My choice would have to be able to export the outline in a variety of common formats and be easy to use on the go.