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Monday, February 10, 2003

MVP Summit

Scoble has some interesting things to say about Microsoft and communities in advance of the MVP summit.  (Read the comments too, they're interesting as well.)

Today we had a chance to meet some of the C++ MVPs.  After the first briefing, the MVPs were brought over to our floor for what was called a "mixer" with the C++ team.  The idea was good but the execution could have been better.  There really wasn't a lot of planning or an agenda.  One of our PMs, thinking on his feet, came up with the idea of each of the present C++ team members leading a small group on a walk around the floor to see some C++ team members "in action."

I led a group of three folks around and basically looked for people who didn't seem to be too busy to talk the the MVPs and maybe ask a few questions.  I happened to flag down our product unit manager to talk for a few minutes to talk to my group.  A couple of the folks gave us some pretty harsh feedback on managed C++ and the .NET Framework, using VC7 with some of the modern C++ libraries, and how the 7.0 source editor and the compiler differed in how they handled unix-style newlines in source files.  This was good feedback for us to hear.

This was the first time something like this has happened while I've been on the team.  I hope it happens again.  I think next time we'll be a little better prepared.

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