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Sunday, March 31, 2002

Getting Hooked Bit by Bit

I'm definitely getting more interested in Radio.  I took the time out from writing code that makes different (I think better) to write a second essay explaining Radio.  I've gotten several emails already, on a holiday no less, indicating that what I had written helped them too.  Nice to know that I wasn't the only one.  Thanks for the feedback.  It forced me to finish this.

Take a look at it.  Its on my own site since it was easier to write that way (lots of pictures).

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Its a Small World

Fifteen years ago (1987) when I started in the hypertext world (and, yes Virginia, hypertext existed before this web thingie), one of the first people I met was a guy named Bob Stepno.  At the time he was looking at tools and just wanted to learn and talk.  Given that my firm, NTERGAID, was just starting, we gave him some software and kept in touch over the years.  Still, I really haven't spoken with him for since 1987.  One blog posting and lo and behold, an email from him.

Hmmm...  I've seen at least two previous NTERGAID / HyperWriter / Black Magic users now involved in the blogging thing.  Given that hypertext was cutting edge in 1987, this is clear proof to me that "once a pioneer, always a pioneer".  Another way to say this is "once burned by technology...".  No, no, no.  Weblogs today are far better than hypertext was in 1987.

Any other NTERGAID / HyperWriter folk out there?

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Email and Outlook

As I think most people would agree, email these days is bad.  Its just an awful experience if your company is of any size at all.  I'm going to start writing more about email since I'm in development on a new email product and looking for beta testers.  I don't want to say more yet we're about 60 to 90 days from release but the product is going very well, has been internally tested for six months now and makes email, well, better.  Or as I like to say in "anti-marketing" speak, "We make email suck less".

Email to get into the beta list or the announcement list.  Let me know what your preferences are.

Now, for the entertainment.  Here's my favorite email story of all time.  Its true and happened at Dataware Technologies.

A woman was leaving Dataware and sent the customary "Goodbye.  So Long.  Here's how to contact me" email when she left and someone responded roughly as follows.  "Good luck and stay away from the married men in the next job, will you!"  That's fine -- if you select Reply and not REPLY ALL.  450 people world wide saw this.  Too damn funny but it just shouldn't have happened at all.

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LimeWire versus BearShare

Like most of us, ever since Napster went away, I've missed it.  I don't want to get into the ethics of file sharing at all.  I just want it back.  I recently tried two applications, LimeWire and BearShare.  LimeWire is far superior.  Very superior.  Why?  Simple.  LimeWire completes file downloads while BearShare simply doesn't.  Now, this probably varies based on your setup and such, so I should say that LimeWire works for me while BearShare doesn't.  It may differ for you.  Additionally, BearShare won't exit when you tell it too and must be shut down with Task Manager and that's very nasty and user hostile.

Here's a letter of appreciation that I wrote to LimeWire.  Its a really, really good product.  For the really geeky, its interesting that it was written in Java, runs client side, and works.  As someone burned (badly) in the Java wars, its nice to see.  I still haven't bought into the religion though.

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Its an Interconnected World

Not 2 hours minutes after posting my essay and linking to it from my weblog, I got an email from someone who lived at Cliveden (the photo at the top of the essay) and liked the photo.  The net has made everything very interconnected.  "Well DOH" you say (and correctly) but its only when it smacks you upside the head both roundly and personally that you actually realize it.

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A Fleeting Glimpse of Fame

Interesting.  Dave Winer just linked to me.  Hmmm...  I guess I have to write some more about Radio.  It really is a fascinating product and I am starting to understand it more. 


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Thoughts for HotJobs, Monster and others.  Everyone's out of work and the job sites don't get it.  Of course, they get paid by the job provider, so maybe they don't have to.  Still, without an audience, they're out of business.  A job seeker's perspective:

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Interesting discussion on reselling your wireless bandwith:

Note -- partially posted to experiment with Radio as well as being interesting.

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Figuring out Radio Userland, a New User's Perspective

I just wrote an essay on a new user's frustration and perspective with Radio Userland.  Given that people just don't read documentation anymore, there are some good suggestions for software designers there.


Sorry -- I resorted to FrontPage since I understand it. 

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