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Friday, August 01, 2003

So I'm kind of puzzled by the President's idea that we should get the federal government involved in regulating marriage.  Aren't "family matters" the classic stuff that States traditionally regulate?  And aren't conservative republicans usually obsessed with preserving States' Rights?

And I hear something about using the Constitution to define marriage being uttered by some conservatives.  What's up with that? 

Are there any rules anymore, or are we just going to turn our legal system into a Dixieland Jazz Band?  I mean I've got a guitar and all.  I just need to know what key we are going to start out in.

3:29:00 PM    

This is one thing I don't like about OS X (unless I'm missing something).  If I have a lot of programs open (which I do) I haven't found a quick way to make them all go away (not quit them) so I can see my desktop.  Anyone know how to do this quickly?
12:35:42 PM    

Just checked the uptime on my Powerbook (which runs Apple's OS X operating system).  It's been 9 days and 19 hours since my last reboot.  Actually, the only times I have rebooted were because I installed some software that wanted a reboot to take place. 

So, here are the stats for the month that I've owed the Powerbook:

        • System crashes     - 0
        • System hangs        - 1
        • Application hangs   - 2
        • Pop Ads                  - 0

I leave the laptop running most of the time so it has had plenty of chances to crash or encounter incompatibilities.  Right now I have 9 applications running (most of them are not full bore applications, so let's say that I only have about 4 running most of the time).

When I am not using the laptop I simply close the lid, which puts it to sleep and uses virtually no battery power.  When I open the lid it wakes up within 3 - 5 seconds and is immediately ready to surf the Internet or do whatever work I need to do.

My desktop XP machine has hung or crashed a couple of times in the past week.  And my wife's XP latptop doesn't hang or crash much, except if she tries to use it after putting it to sleep.  Then it's about a 50-50 proposition.  So, naturally, she doesn't rely on it to go to sleep and just shuts it down when she isn't going to use it for a couple of hours.

12:08:00 PM    

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