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Thursday, July 31, 2003

First, on accepting a new stint at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  But, more importantly, on her recently announced impending nuptials.

Donna was an early and forceful inspiration for me when I started blogging.  I have admired her work at Copyfight and look forward to hearing about her new adventures in San Francisco.  I know she'll be missed in Boston, but she'll be welcomed in San Francisco and admired throughout the blogosphere. 

Best wishes to Donna and her future husband.

4:07:36 PM    

I know a couple of people who are starting up at law school soon.  They are busy gathering supplies and preparing for the novel experience or going to class to get grilled and lugging around weighty tomes. 

Speaking of lugging heavy law books, I recently saw a law school blogger post a radical idea (which my friend A.J. Levy would call an "out of the box solution").  He took his law books to Kinko's and had them slice off the covers so he could ring bind the pages.  That way he could take just the pages he needed, which would save weight.

I have another idea for law students who tote laptops.  Scan all of your materials into PDF and buy a copy of Adobe Acrobat (the educational price for the full version is around $60 --and the regular price is $250).  Then learn how to put stickie notes and how to annotate using Acrobat.  When you go to class take notes right on the case (or statute) that you are covering.  Later you'll be able to jump right to the pages with notes, and you'll be able to print your notes out.  Most importantly, the notes will be attached to the materials that they relate to.

Just a thought.  Of course, you could lug the laptop and the extra 15 pounds of books.  Maybe you need the exercise, I don't know.

If you don't know how to scan find some techie law student to tackle the job and distribute the scans on CD-Rom. 

10:57:34 AM    

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