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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Alice W has some good advice on the subject of linking.  Bookmark it for future reference when someone you know takes up blogging and asks you for advice.
8:12:54 PM    

Tom Mayo has a blog called Health Law Blog that focuses on, well, obviously health care legal issues and regulations, with an emphasis on Texas.  No RSS feed, yet.
7:49:27 PM    

My new Apple Powerbook will arrive on Tuesday, but I've spent the past few days playing with my Dad's iBook.  I had to reinstall the operating system for him (because it was a store demo and it had some automatically loading demo program that was not easily removed).  Anyway, the reinstall went smoothly, and I'm using the opportunity to play with the computer (sshhhhh!)

Okay, here's what I've noticed so far. Apple laptops go to sleep and wake up quickly and reliably.  Also, they don't have trouble recognizing devices like external hard drives and zip drives or whatever you might connect to them (e.g.  I attached a "Windows" external firewire drive that I had in the house and the iBook "saw" it right away no problem, and it quickly "released" the drive when I asked it to).

The OS X operating system is different than I'm used to so I'm not yet comfortable with a lot of how it works, but I can see that it is sensible and stable.  Windows XP is sensible and stable, but somehow I find OS X more visually appealing.  We'll see how the stability compares over time.

9:45:23 AM    

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