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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Someone not only found the WMDs but managed to put them on the web so that we can hyperlink to them.
9:34:24 PM    

I rented The Emperor's Club on DVD the other night, mostly because I'm a Kevin Kline fan.  I was not disappointed, and I highly recommend this movie.  The story of the inspirational teacher is not a new one, but somehow this movie has a different message then, say, Dead Poets Society.  Kevin Kline plays a popular teacher at an elite boys boarding school. 

He is presented with a young rebellious student that, against all logic, he believes he can help.  I won't say what happens, but suffice it to say that it isn't a predictable feel-good ending.  There is a lot of conflict in this movie but the resolution is tight, and not formulaic.  And Kline's performance is, of course, outstanding.

3:27:20 PM    

You never know if these things are true, and frankly I hope it isn't.  But if you believe that politicians are gaming the system, then you'll not be surprised to read this account of George W. Bush's early days in the Board of Directors Farm League. 
11:01:28 AM    

Laptop sales outpace desktops for the first time, which is a subtly significant thing.  The advantages of mobile computing are obviously the major reason for this trend.  But the trend that tilts computer purchases in favor of laptops doesn't yet include the Wi-Fi factor, which is going to push this trajectory even faster in the next five years. 

Of course, there are people out there who haven't bought their first computer yet.  To them I'd say, buy a laptop.  That's your base purchase.   You can always add a desktop later if you find you need a hunk of metal that's souped up for gaming or some specialized application that hoards CPU cycles.

10:07:15 AM    

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