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Monday, July 07, 2003

I ditched the YACCS commenting system because it was taking too long for my page to load and some people complained.  Hopefully, the new Haloscan system will work better.  Unfortunately, all the old YACCS comments are gone from public view. 

Sorry about that, but sometimes you have to take drastic measures.  And slow loading pages call for drastic measures.  That's my theory anyway.

12:02:45 PM    

Last Thursday we added a spam filter to our law firm's E-mail system.  Our IT guy just told me that over the 3 day weekend it filtered over 3,500 spam emails.  The setting is sort of loose, so a number of spam emails still made their way through.

More interesting is effect on our E-mail server.  Apparently, before the spam filter was installed the utilization rate on the server was typically around 20%.  Now it's down to around 3%.  Clearly, spam is taking its toll on business.  I wonder when Congress will come up with an effective solution to this pervasive and pernicious problem.

10:27:21 AM    

My friend Cindy bought a Linksys Wireless Access Point last week.  She had told me last week how excited she was to experience Wi-Fi in her house.  She was going to set it up over the weekend.

She just passed by my office with a frown on her face.  She told me that she couldn't get her laptop to connect to the WAP.  When she called Linksys they told her that she needed new drivers for the Dell laptop she had.  She tried to get on the Internet (to get the drivers) by connecting her Ethernet output directly into her router but she still couldn't get her computer to hook to the Internet.

I feel sorry for her.  I don't think it is an issue with the drivers, but in the Windows world that is ground zero for a lot of troubleshooting problems.  The whole do-you-have-the-right-drivers? wouldn't even be part of the analysis if she had an Apple computer.  Granted that's because Apple makes the computer and the Wi-Fi card, and also makes the software that creates the interface between the hardware pieces.

But what do computer users care about who makes what as long as it all works?

9:46:44 AM    

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