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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

It's all about efficiencies.  So saith eBay's CEO Meg Whitman.  Not that she needed to because it's kind of obvious. 

What I find interesting about eBay is that it is the kind of efficient thing that the Internet enabled (among many such things) that has caught on with people who are marginally computer literate or Internet savvy.  People who barely understand the power of Google are mainstream consumers of eBay.  So I guess that tells you that the need to shop is greater than the quest for information.

2:33:12 PM    

Pop-Up advertising.  My Apple Powerbook never gives me pop up ads, er, misrepresentations.  A minute ago my Windows machine had what appeared to be an "Official Windows System Message" offering to "update" my search toolbar on Internet Explorer.  Yeah, right.

What kills me is that my Windows machine is not exactly defenseless. I've got LavaSoft's AdAware and a full armory of other software tools designed to fumigate pop ups and to prevent their instigators from roosting in my computer.  Still, somehow, they insinuate themselves into my computer and cause me misery.

I understand that Longhorn (the code name for the new Microsoft OS) will have DRM so maybe that's the secret to a system that actually works.  I don't like the DRM idea so much, but if it kills Pop-ups then that's great. 

I'll tell you what I do like, though.  My Apple 12" Powerbook running OS X. 

2:18:17 PM    

When I was at college at Tulane University there was a marginally busy street that bisected the campus.  At the crossing locations there were stoplights with buttons that you could push that supposedly told the traffic light that a person was ready to cross.  And supposedly this changed the timing of the stoplight to make the red light come up faster.  After years of pushing that button I came to the conclusion that the button wasn't really connected to anything.  I think it was put in place by the Psychology Department as a way of making people feel like they had control, when in fact they didn't.

The local paper here in New Orleans, The Times Picayune, has a nice website.  And they even have a page where you can tell them that you are going out of town and to have them suspend delivery of your paper.  The problem is "their button isn't connected to anything."  That is, it doesn't work.

Some people look at the Web and see broken links and say Why?  I look at things onthe Web that apparently were never hooked up to begin with and say What the Hell's Up With That?

10:34:20 AM    

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