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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

John Robb is back.  Why his site went down is still a mystery.  Dan Bricklin has some incisive thoughts about this whole business of breaking links and the importance for weblog authors to post to a domain they control.

Meanwhile, in local news, a friend of mine just sent me an E-mail asking me to let people know about the fine web design services of a Louisiana boy named Tim Weeks.  He designed this site for an upscale North Louisiana hunting lodge, and is availble to help with your design project.  If you like his handiwork just E-mail him here.

4:32:45 PM    

Check out the current edition of the LLRX Internet Roundtable, which has a discussion of blogging by Dennis Kennedy, Jerry Lawson, Tom Mighell and others. 

After reading one of the panelist's statement about "Google URLs" (i.e. search terms that when entered in Google return a specific webpage as the first hit) Denise Howell pointed out that it was David Weinberger of Cluetrain fame coined the term "Google URL," (and she noted as well that for the time being one of her Google URL's is "Denise.")

10:57:38 AM    

If you sent me an E-mail yesterday assume it is gone.  Yesterday it was a fierce battle over in the server room as the spammers breached the ramparts and brought down our E-mail server.  The spam blocking software that we were testing apparently was beaten down, forcing the box that it was installed on to operate verrrry slowwwly.  (remember the scene in 2001 where Hal sings "A Bicycle Built for Two?").

Our computer guy is on vacation so we brought in our able outside consultants, who engaged in heavy hand to hand combat with the spam as it assailed the computer that was set up to block the spam.  Calls to the spam software company's tech support were closing in on a solution, but then it got late in the day and we got passed over to "the night guy." 

At that point a drastic decision had to be made, and so, like the recently stranded climber who had to cut off his arm in order to escape certain death, we yanked the hapless spam blocker.   That left our E-mail server naked and exposed to the onslaughts of the internet. We are now being relentlessly pumelled by spam.

I may go have a look at the servers in a minute.  If you don't ever hear from me again, you'll know why.

10:30:40 AM    

The Connected PDA looks like an informative weblog regarding the use of PDAs as wireless devices.  And if you are the proud owner of a Treo 300 be sure to check out the page entitled What's On My Treo 300.
10:11:11 AM    

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