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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Steve Covell has a good post on how to use Google to search just blogs, or just law blogs.  Inspired by his love of Google (and his specific recommendation) I have purchased Google Hacks, which contains a wealth of information on how use Google productively.
9:52:01 AM    

Since we put the Spam filter on our E-mail system last week the computer guy and I have been having a running joke about who is the Spam King.  I figured it would be me since I had posted my work E-mail on my blog, which is regularly crawled by all sorts of unscrupulous bots.  But turns out that one of the secretaries is The King, because she gets about 200 spam emails a day. 

Her secret? 

For a long time she had tried to "unsubscribe" from the spam by sending a return E-mail to the little address (which of course is really just a way of letting the spammers know that the address is valid, which just increases your radar signature).  Since we've installed the filter she says her life has changed dramatically. 

She feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders.  Before the filter she was so overwhelmed with junk that she was block deleting emails and, in the process, throwing out legitimate emails.  Now she can actually read her emails and know that she is not tossing out any that she might need to actually read.

Our computer guy has been giving me the daily tally of spam that we have blocked, which has been about 1,200 per day so far.  But yesterday we seem to have weathered a brutal spam assault.  Between 5:30 pm yesterday and 8:45 today we received 3,224 spam emails. 

In other spam news, I learned yesterday that Cox Communications (my home ISP) has changed its SMTP policy so that now I have to send E-mail using the Cox SMTP server when I'm at home.  I can't send it through another SMTP server. 

The reason?  Spam overflow.

If we lived in the Wild West days somebody would be gathering up a posse and looking for a good hanging tree.

9:32:11 AM    

Time to awake my 700mhz 256kRam Dell Windows machine from sleep mode = 30 seconds.

Time to wake my G4 800mhz 640kRam Apple Powerbook from sleep mode = 4 seconds.

I'm not suggesting that this is a fair comparison, either.  But I have adopted the practice of not shutting down my Powerbook because it seems to be perfectly happy without a periodic reboot.  My Windows machine, which granted has a lot of stuff loaded on it, can't be trusted to reliably go for long periods in the sleep mode.  It like to have a good reboot very frequently, which makes it happy.  But not me.

9:12:17 AM    

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