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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Gizmodo reports on The NetDisk.

netdisk.jpg"A couple of new network attached storage devices from XiMeta. The NetDisk Portable and the NetDisk Removable are basically external hard drives with Ethernet ports that connect directly to a local area network rather than to a PC so that anyone on the network can access the files within. With home networks multiplying, network storage drives like these (and the wireless NetDrive from Martian) should prove to be pretty popular." Read

This is great in concept, but since it is a pure hard drive you wouldn't be able to load software on it that would "serve" files in the fashion that a lot of things like TiVo's Home Media Option require that the source storage be on a computer with an operating system.  So, this may not be as attractive a concept for storage of files that are being actively used on the network, such as MP3's and JPEGs and GIFs. 

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