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Tuesday, 24 June 2003

I admit it. I regularly check my stats at Technorati and Blogshares, plus I do some search engine checks now and then. Everyone does it. I have to say I'm not exactly setting the world on fire in terms of popularity. I'm probably a 'C List' blogger at most :-)

But I am noticing my Google popularity is increasing for the phrase "Read/Write Web". I'm now at number 2 (as of this writing) and only Dan Gillmor's weblog post titled "The Read-Write Web" is ahead of me. I haven't been officially tracking this, but I do recall I was at number 5 a week or so ago, and buried in the back pages a month ago. So I'm moving up the charts.

I also found a directory of Google API tools. I like GoogleDuel, which pits two words or phrases against each other. I discovered that "two-way web" is 6 times more popular than the phrase "read/write web". That is due to Mr Winer's influence. Also "browser/editor" is 6 times more popular than "universal canvas"...

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