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Sunday, 29 June 2003

One thing that is definitely "funky" is the blogroll in Radio Userland. I updated my blogroll.opml file last night but - no matter what trickery I do - the changes won't publish. That is why my external links look a bit odd right now.

John Robb recently announced that Radio will soon release a new version, which is exciting news for us Radio fans. I look forward to the new features. But I also hope they address the little things, like the continuing blogroll funkiness. 

Radio is a wonderful product and I like playing around with it. But there are some kinks in the publishing process which need to be ironed out, pleeeease :-) 

postscript: ha ha, typically as soon as I published this I discovered how to force my blogroll to publish. In my browser, I browsed to the location of my blogroll: http://radio.weblogs.com/0105304/gems/blogroll.opml. I noticed it was still displaying the old version of my blogroll. Hmmm, so I refreshed the browser and it updated to the new version. I thought well maybe that will finally update my weblog. Nothing else had worked and I had tried everything - including deleting the blogroll.opml file from my gems folder and its reference from my homepage template, clicking 'Radio --> Publish --> Entire Website', adding the opml file back in, re-publishing, etc.

So anyway after refreshing the blogroll.opml page in my browser, I re-published this post and - lo and behold - my blogroll had finally updated on my homepage. Praise be. I can go and enjoy my Sunday now :-)

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