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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Beginning Radio

When I started with Radio I've read many sites about how to use Radio, but did not blog them. I've mostly belogged articles about advanced use of radio, or its social impact.

As I advertise Radio to my circle of friends, some ask for links to help them get started.

This entry is devoted to a few links for Radio beginners. I'll enrich it as we go.

The official documentation, with links to many other sites. Russ Lipton's good.

Scott's Radio UserLand FAQ, is pretty good, and links to other interesting sites, so I won't have to link to them myself :-)

Scott is writing a book for O'Reilly and sent 2 chapters to the community for review. I've only read the advanced one, which is pretty good, but the basic chapter seems detailed enough to give you an idea of how to use Radio. Thanks for sending this Scott.






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I've read the news today, oh boy...

Loudcloud Agrees to Sell Most of Its Business to Computer Systems Consultant EDS about Loudcloud selling its hosting business to EDS.

I've read the news today, oh boy... the old economy's just won the war :-(

It must be a generation thing, Netscape was my third company, I was still in my late twenties and we were going to take over the world of old companies with our new cool software.

Then Netscape was bought by AOL, the part of it where I was was folded into Sun.

When Andreesen created Loudcloud I was happy to see him try again. One of my friends joined him. Then came the internet bubble burst, and today Loudcloud's ambitions are over.

As Andreesen puts it in the CBS MarketWatch news:

"We wanted to be the EDS of the Internet," said Marc Andreessen, Loudcloud's chairman and co-founder. "Now, EDS will be the EDS of the Internet."

This failure is the symbol marking the end of this very short period of time where, thanks to the internet, small companies could take over the big ones. It's been fun to live through that !

What worries me in the short term is:

Most of Loudcloud's 380 employees won't be joining Opsware.

Loudcloud on Monday began to lay off 120 of its workers. Another 140 Loudcloud workers will join EDS when the sale is completed in September.

I'll call my friend tonight.

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