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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Hierarchical Thinking and Outlines. I hate to agree with Butthead, but I think about everything in hierarchies. I normally write everything down in a text editor tabbed out like a programming language, but I decided that I needed something a little more organized and easy to move stuff around (though nothing is normally as fast as cut and paste, to tell the truth)...

So I just downloaded and tried the Java Outline Editor (JOE) again and I must say that it rocks!...-Russ [Russell Beattie Notebook]

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Start-ups aim for Web services niche. A new crop of software companies such as Confluent and Amber Point is emerging with the promise of managing and monitoring Web services for big companies. [CNET News.com]
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Real will use Documentum to manage its web sites

Documentum Enterprise Content Management Platform Selected By RealNetworks

Real will use Documentum to manage its web sites, including video assets

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Joel likes XUL... but not the rewrite

Joel on XUL. Joel Splosky still thinks Netscape was stupid, but he really likes XUL.... [Blogzilla - a blog about Mozilla]

I had read Joel's previous critic of Netscape's rewrite attitude. He reiterates it here by the way: even if he likes XUL, he advocates for a step by step transition to it.

Joel's point of view about this is very rational, and from a company management perspective I can relate to it. But it completely forgets the human factor, which is very important in software, and I think was very important in Mozilla.

Try to get people from the Open Source excited about a refactoring of old Netscape code. Try to keep Netscape's engineers themselves excited about that. The rewrite, although unreasonable it was from a management perspective, was a very good idea to keep people motivated.

I think Joel's argument misses this aspect altogether.

Don't remember if Weinberg's book is in his book list, but he should read it again :-)

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