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Monday, April 28, 2003

The global advantage.
[Full story at InfoWorld.com]

... [Jon's Radio]

Very interesting article.

Eric, your company uses Collabnet. Very smart.

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JBoss 4 : JBoss Remoting framework documentation available. [Welcome to the real world]
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Characters vs. Bytes. [ongoing]
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Cascading Fisheye Menus.. [Surf*Mind*Musings] [Jon Schull's Weblog]
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Jsh is no more. So I have found another project, JDistro
This project goes further than Jsh: It's purpose is to offer a Java-only desktop where you can run many java applications in the same JVM at the same time. The project is quite good now, and guillaume (the project leader) is a nice guy.

[Java in France]

My friend Laurent Daynes needs to look at that.

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Netbeans 3.5 rocks. and Using Netbeans.... [Java in France]

Good to see some people still love Netbeans. I have not used it in a few years and I need to catch up... as soon as my new machine arrives.

Gérard programs in java, loves Netbeans and lives in France: I need to meet that guy !

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In AOP - another small step Anthony Eden calls for "a revolutionary change in the world of software development". He especialy puts the blame on the fact that we stiff write text.

"Programming right now is still remarkably similar to programming of 10 or 20 years ago, perhaps even further back. Specifically we are still writing text and I personally find this to be a big problem. "

I could not agree more, and as I explain in my previous post, The future of AOP ? Intentional Programming ! , I think Intentional Programming is a good candidate for this revolution. The only thing I worry about is that it's still vaporware today, but I look forward to see what IntentSoft willl release !

Anthony you should read about that: I'm sure it is right on track with the ideas you expressed in your post, and in general in your weblog (editing an Abstract Syntax Ttree instead of text, Visual Programming).


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