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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

David Mertz wrote ONLamp.com: A Primer on Python Metaclass Programming Metaclass Programming allows you to do AOP in Python.

This article seems to be a rehash of his february DeveloperWorks article Metaclass programming in Python

There's also a Python AOP module for Zope, called Transwarp that exploits these techniques.

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Notes from the Chandler Demo is an excellent introduction to Chandler. I tried their release 0.1 and while rough it is very promising. The Notes explain why the platform they build is promising. Based on wxWindows, Python, RDF and jabber, the architecture looks great and very flexible.

I'm just disappointed that they did not chose to implement this on top of Mozilla, which I think had already all the required platform features. I guess that performance, the choice to have native widgets, and the decision to use Python is what triggered their choice.

It's a great opportunity for me to give a try to my new abilities in Python, which I begun to learn 2 months ago and find a very exciting language.

They use Twiki for their wiki site: a very tasteful choice shall I say :-)

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Brian Behlendorf on the air. [Sam Ruby]
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