Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Happened to our Plans

We had grand plans for that first full day in the Basin. And of course, in putting it that way I've already given away the story. Whatever...

We had grand plans that involved a hike in the morning, a return to comfortable Room 215 for rest and lunch and another hike in the afternoon. We figured that two small hikes would break in our mountain legs without too much blunt force trauma. That was the plan.

In the event, however, we stayed cozy in our beds long into the morning. And we had a leisurely morning with hot, steamy showers and fried eggs and toast and butter and four-berry jelly. By the time we got our hiking boots on and got out to the trail head, it was 11:00am sharp.

The sun was at our backs, rising over the igneous peaks of Casa Grande as we made our way down the switchbacks into the heart of the Basin. The sky was blue. The air was cool. Our bellies were full. Our grand plans were already doomed, and yet you wouldn't have been able to tell it from the smiles on our faces. We were headed to The Window.

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