Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Was About to Leap

Spring blossoms had only just begun coming out when we were in Big Bend. We were there too early for the Dagger Yucca, although as we left at the end of our week, there were a few down in the desert that were beginning to push up spears. So we figured that we were too early for any spring color.

Yet as we looked closely at the ground beside our feet, we saw wild asters hidden beneath the blades of dry desert grasses.
photo of wile asters beneath dry grass
And here and there we saw lavender blossoms of what looked like a verbena.
photo of lavender blossoms like verbena
And there were other purple and yellow flowers that we couldn't identify,
photo of a purple flower we couldn't identify photo of a yellow flower we couldn't identify photo of a yellow flower we couldn't identify
and red berry-like proto-blossoms on the Evergreen Sumac that was everywhere.
photo of evergreen sumac blossom
And as the days passed, the red blossom-spikes began to appear at the end of the dry, stabby stalks of the Ocotillo.
photo of ocotillo blossom

So even though a casual look around you made it seem a bit like winter, when you looked more closely it was clear that spring was about to leap.

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