Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Now I am not a movie guy. I'm really not a movie guy. But here we are with the credits rolling, sobbing with tears running down our cheeks. And we're not alone. The guy next to me is sobbing. You can't miss it, although I can't bring myself to look over. I'm sure his friend is crying, too.

As tugboats pulled ocean liners, as tracers flew in the dark in World War II, as an Atlas rocket launched from the beaches of Cape Canaveral, as the Beatles sang on Ed Sullivan, as Benjamin grew younger and watched Daisy grow old, and as his infant eyes looked into hers, scene after scene pulled at our hearts, leaving us weak at the end.

This is a movie like few I've ever seen before, besides the one we saw a couple weeks ago.

I swear I'm not a movie guy, but what an end to the year we've had.

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