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dimanche 7 décembre 2003

Following this story, "Japan's Robot Developers Go Linux," Linux Devices decided to publish its own "Linux-powered Robots Quick Reference Guide." And Paul Baron spent some time shooting pictures during the 2003 International Robot Exposition in Tokyo about two weeks ago.

So here is a photo gallery gathered from these different sources (Images are mostly uncredited in the Linux Devices story).

Let's start with Paul Baron, and his 61 photographs recently taken in Tokyo (Warning: navigation is somewhat difficult; the screen is getting refreshed when you just want to scroll).

TMSUK04 from Meiji University, is a remote-controlled robot which has received a stereoscopic vision system. It can be controlled over the Internet.

The TMSUK04 robot from Meiji University

Here is the cute and cool little Neon.

The Neon robot

Let's end our visit with a bunch of ifbots, from Business Design Laboratory.

The ifbots

Now, let's switch to the Linux Devices guide.

ENST in France has developed a Linux-powered mobile robot test-bed for embedded real-time application experimentation named Spif.

Spif robot from ENST

Below is the Smart Robots SR4 autonomous mobile robot. It can travel at a speed of approximately 1.5 ft/sec. It also can communicate with other SR4s via robot-to-robot e-mail exchange.

Smart Robots SR4

Isamu is another story. Developed at the University of Tokyo and by Kawada Industries, it's a pretty big humanoid robot. It is 53 inches tall, weighs 121 pounds, and walks at over one mile per hour. It also can climb up and down stairs, like Asimo. Here he is in action.

Isamu climbing stairs

The HOAP-1, from Fujitsu, doesn't play in the same league. It's only 48 cm tall and weighs 6 Kg. Running RTLinux, its purpose is to develop motion control algorithms in such areas as two-legged walking, as well as in research on human-to-robot communication interfaces.

The HOAP-1 robot from Fujitsu

It's time to wrap up the show. But for more information, you can take a peek at a former story, "Real-Time Linux Robots Are Coming."

Sources: Jan Krikke,, December 3, 2003; Linux Devices, December 5, 2003; Paul Baron, November 2003

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