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mercredi 31 décembre 2003

When Adam Gaffin, from Network World, is searching new ideas for his future columns of Compendium, what does he do? Read his e-mails? Look at his competitors in the printed press? Browse the online press? Not at all. Each morning, he fires his RSS aggregator to read what his 10 favorite IT power bloggers have published during the previous day about new technologies or different angles about an old one. Unless any other technology, his RSS aggregator guarantees him fresh content since the last time he used his news aggregator. If you haven't try RSS yet, do it in 2004. Before going to Gaffin's full list, let me tell you that I'm proud to be part of it. What a neat way to end 2003!

His magazine said that "Online editor Adam Gaffin scouts out the essential Weblogs for pumping up your network knowledge." Here is Gaffin's introduction to his list of power bloggers.

Each morning, I fire up my RSS aggregator and go through the latest headlines from enterprise-related Weblogs. Here I've pulled together a list of the 10 I've come to consider essential reading. Their bloggers do a good job explaining the fields they specialize in, offering unique insights or information you might not get elsewhere.

And his magazine even gave us a Power logo (Credit: Network World)

The Power label from Network World Fusion

Now, even if my name and/or blog might not impress you, let's look at the fantastic roster gathered by Network World.

Here is Gaffin says about my blog.

Piquepaille is a classic blogger, ferreting out interesting stuff, then links to it. Only what he specializes in is exotic, futuristic stuff that really could someday become commonplace. A recent topic: robots with "feminine intuition."

I'm also amazed to be the only non-U.S. blogger selected.

Besides this award, think again about the power of RSS. I like to read what is writing Ray Ozzie. And I'm not alone, because lots of people visit his blog everyday, with the hope he delivered a brand new essay. In fact, he didn't update his blog since December 8. When he does, both Adam Gaffin and many other RSS users will know it, without having to check daily his blog.

RSS is here to stay. It's fast, it's clean, it's convenient and it's coherent. And I bet I'll be using several new RSS new applications before the end of 2004.

Happy New Year!

Source: Adam Gaffin, Network World, December 22, 2003; with various websites

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