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dimanche 16 mai 2004

The U.K. supermarket chain Somerfield decided last year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA in an original way. It commissioned British artist Abigail Fallis to create a sculpture of a DNA double helix made of shopping carts and to display it during the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign of 2004. The sculpture, named DNA DL90, is 31 feet high and weighs more than three tons. It is on display since April 2004 at "Sculpture at Goodwood," the 21st century British sculpture park in Surrey.

All the pictures come from "Sculpture at Goodwood" or Abigail Fallis.

DNA DL90 on a blue sky background Here you can see the 22 shopping trolleys displayed in a DNA double helix structure on a blue sky background.
A view of the whole DNA DL90 Here is the whole structure, almost ten meters high.
Details of the DNA DL90 sculpture Here are some details of the structure.
A view of the whole DNA DL90 This is an early model of the artwork.
Abigail Fallis and her DNA DL90 And here is Abigail Fallis with her DNA double helix sculpture.

Sources: Various websites

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