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The rants, raves, requests, redolent random reverberations of the Stone Design software team, led by Andrew Stone - who has been developing in Cocoa since 1989 when it began as NeXTStep. Learn secret tricks of Create, PhotoToWeb, GIFfun, SliceAndDice, TimeEqualsMoney, PackUpAndGo, PStill, TrueBlue, DOCtor, StampInStone and other 100% Native OS X applications...

Monday, August 12, 2002

Ever wedge OS X so badly that it won’t reboot - and the partitions don’t even show up? Very scary indeed!

Try rebooting with these keys down:


This will reset NVRAM and maybe save your day! It’s like reset-all in open firmware.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I finally got around to putting together a few years of essays and howtos on Cocoa Programming into one nice place - The Cocoa Files.
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Monday, May 20, 2002

Programming reminder to self - keep .h files in synch ;-)

<<click to download latest>>
With that said, today’s versions of StoneStudio™ ( Create®, PhotoToWeb®, TimeEqualsMoney™, SliceAndDice™, PStill™) actually allow you to get a 30 day trial license.

StampInStone™ lets you get a 30 day free license too.

PackUpAndGo™, GIFfun™, TrueBlue™ are May 16, 2002.
DOCtor™ and iPhoto to PhotoToWeb Exporter Plugin

<<this was fun to write in Create - with new Format -> Text -> Copy as HTML!>>

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Friday, May 17, 2002

Oh - and now Create can export TIFFs to any DPI resolution!

See Preferences->Image “DPI” field

Another cool thing for web experts is that you can save out your HTML with other file endings, such as “php”, “htm”, “shtml”, and really, any ending you can think of with this hidden dwrite:

defaults write com.stone.Create HTMLFileExtension <<SOME EXTENSION>>

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Latest Stone Studio Available!
<US> | <AISA> | <EURO>

Create got the most attention in the last month, although PhotoToWeb has an important fix, and the other apps got some cleanup.

The coolest new feature for BLOGGERS is that you can type text in Create (like this post), drop on URLs from OmniWeb, choose Format->Text->Copy as HTML... and then paste the formatted HTML into your home page to make a posting without typing one “<” or “>”, and it handles all unicodes on top of all that!

Read all about
what’s new!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

We got out the new revs of the Stone Studio - no wonder I've been ignoring the blog! Check out http://www.stone.com/pr/Stone_Studio_May_2002.html to learn more!

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Well - I haven’t had much to say lately - which means GOOD THINGS are coming! Our artist just whipped up some cool Create Label Templates [17K] which are very useful for Neato CDs and a bunch of Avery standard label sizes.
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DOCtor, our GNU and totally free MS WORD to PS and PDF conversion application has a new version with
  • Check for Updates
  • Better handling of long file names

Download App
Download Source
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- announcing TrueBlue 1.2 here first!

Stone Design's free TrueType to PostScript Font Convertor with these improvements:
  • Check for Updates feature
  • Handles all mac font suitcases, including .suit's
Download TrueBlue v1.2.
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This may save someone from having to reinstall your OS X when things go totally awry:

How to totally reset nvram on TiBook

1. remove battery & ac cord
2. hold down the < reset button next to the phone jack for 10 seconds
3. wait 30 seconds
4. plug in battery and ac cord
5. boot 3 times with
   <COMMAND> <OPTION> P R depressed
6. boot into open firmware with
7. type:
reset-nvram <RETURN>
reset-all <RETURN>

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Had fun and sold bunches of Stone Studio at the Sante Fe Mac Users Group last night!
Here's a cool plug-in for iPhoto that makes PhotoToWeb albums out of your photos, for totally controlling web output: iPhoto to PhotoToWeb Export PlugIn

iPhoto to PhotoToWeb Export PlugIn home page>

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PANIC said my kernel!
DON’T PANIC said Doug Adams.

I lost my boot drive in a rough crash - and with it went Radio Userland and all my customizations.

Here are a few of my last postings re-added so my home page is not so dismally empty!

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