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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Web pioneer opens digital divide summit

Web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee helped to kick off the Geneva summit on the information society. [BBC News | Technology | World Edition]
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Categorizing this Weblog... December edition

This month I'm investigating the "categories" feature of weblogging software, including the possibility of sorting past entries into various news and story categories, and getting more organized about using RSS summaries and coordinating my multple weblogs and articles. I'll also go back and update my bookmark lists on research into taxonomy and categorization systems.

This is partly inspired by the new category system Dave Winer is implementing at Scripting News, and partly by the group blog category system developed in TypePad for the Poynter/Nieman Narrative Journalism Conference I attended last weekend. On first glance, I like the drop-down menu approach to allowing multiple category choices for a single post, and will point Dave to it at our Thursday meeting if he doesn't see it here first.

While I develop my own category system, then try to back-fill the trial categories and convert some of my longer posts to "Story" format, I'll be posting mostly verbatim summaries from my RSS aggregator, and trying to learn more about RSS itself. Pardon the mess...
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World Summit on the Information Society meeting

The World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS ) meeting prepared to begin today, with a variety of issues beginning to emerge. Draft declarations of principles and action have been published .

Some friction occured over the United States' leading role in internet governance, with a US representative ejected , and some nations calling for a United Nations agency to take a leading role. The United Nation's secretary, Kofi Annan, called for the summit to preserve media freedoms.

The WSIS is being covered by the DailySummit weblog and the WSIS Newsfeed . The very popular HelloWorld! project is beaming Web-based and SMS-sent messages to global locations, including Geneva, by laser, as an artistic commentary on the event.

(thanks to James Downing ) Source: [NITLE Tech News]

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Kofi Annan: Keep Media Free

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan urges World Summit on the Information Society participants to affirm media freedoms and protect the public's right to stay informed. [Wired News]
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Australian magazine editor given terrorist treatment

Kevin Roderick of LA Observed summarizes an Aussie journo's humiliating ordeal at the hands of US immigration officials.
"I've had every part of me groped beyond belief...(I was) shocked more than anything, disbelief, total sense of disbelief, humiliated," she told Australia's Channel Nine. Smethurst was detained under a new reading of the law that lets tourists in on a 90-day waiver of the visa rules, but not working journalists.
Apparently, foreign journalists are percieved to be a threat to U.S. interests.

Link Source: [Boing Boing Blog]
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Steve Jobs on music industry gatekeeping

"The good music companies do an amazing thing. They have people who can pick the person who's gonna be successful out of 5,000 candidates. It's an intuitive process. And the best music companies know how to do that with a reasonably high success rate."
 (Rolling Stone interview)

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