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Saturday, December 29, 2007

For Christmas and my birthday and the New Year, I've mostly given myself presents: A short trip north to see some friends and family, and a very long nostalgia trip... through concert videos that various nice folks have posted on YouTube. Amazing what you'll find there... like the Roches singing Handel's Hallelujah Chorus at Improv 1982. As the person who posted it adds, "FYI they have just released new CD 'Moonswept' and are currently touring.For more info. go to their website"

I do hope having all those music clips on YouTube inspires folks to go to more live concerts or otherwise find ways of sending some money back to the performers.

Other than pondering questions of online profits, what's the "other journalism" connection for this blog item? Only that I did try to work the Roches into a story once... They were singing at the Newport Folk Festival with a great view of the boats in the harbor, and that was enough excuse for me to talk my way backstage with a camera to try to get a cover picture for a "boats and music" issue of Soundings magazine... good idea, and a better photographer might have made it work. But I did get a story written and I think I did quote Terre saying that she liked boats... probably not as much as I like the way she sings the high parts of those songs...I didn't tell her that. When I've interviewed musicians I like, I've been about as bright as Mr. Jones...

(And, no, I never did interview that guy.)

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