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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For the next week or two, I'll be posting at two other blogging addresses while I try out the new One Laptop Per Child "XO" computer, which isn't able to post to this blog...

Details are at today's edition of and last week's entry at my Red Liner blog on Harvard's WordPress blog server.

Unlike this Radio Userland blog, those sites' Blogger and WordPress allow editing through a Web browser with no special software on the computer, which is great since no such application exists for the XO.

But I'm not abandoning Radio, which has some very powerful features for using RSS feeds and for managing or cross-posting to multiple blogs as "categories" of the main blog. Examples: my AEJMC Newspaper Division blog and Podfolk, my never-quite-off-the-ground podcast, which is now essentially an off-and-on music-focused blog.

I'll also continue to post bookmarks to -- especially -- although it's much easier to use from a Mac or a PC, until I do some more exploring on software alternatives for the olpc.

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