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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roy Peter Clark, news guru at the Poynter Institute, says (highlight added):

"The public bias against the press is a more serious problem for American democracy than the bias (real or perceived) of the press itself. That is one reasonable conclusion to a study of media credibility conducted by Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn...."
So much for my having to come up with a reading assignment for this weekend's Media & Society class homework!

Some related questions for possible discussion:
  • How do you decide how much to trust or believe a poll?
  • How do you decide how seriously to take an opinion column? Or a news story? Or a Web discussion?
  • How do people define "the press" or "the media" or "bias"?
  • Do print newspapers, online newspapers and broadcast news all deserve the same criticisms?
  • Do "readers" and "TV news viewers" and folks who get most of their news online perceive things the same way?
  • Jon Stewart's name came up in class. Watch this interview, in which he and Bill Moyers talk about credibility.
Next steps for Media & Society class:
  • Go to the Radford University library (online)
  • Search the database our library calls "communication & mass media complete" for academic journal articles with "perceptions of news bias" in the title. (EBSCO Host is the database provider.)
  • Pick the most recent one
  • Look at the other resources the database offers:
    • Cited References
    • Times cited in this document
    • Related search terms
    • Broaden the search by removing the word "perception," changing "news" to "journalism," "bias" to "prejudice." See what different results you get.

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