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daily link  Sunday, June 30, 2002

NewsWeek: The Big Secret. "Because its ultimate success depends on ubiquity, Palladium is either going to be a home run or a mortifying whiff. That’s why MIcrosoft can’t do it without heavyweight partners. Chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices have signed on to produce special security chips that are integral to the system. The next step is getting the likes of Dell, HP and IBM to remake their PCs to accommodate the system.

"The first adopters will probably be in financial services, health care and government -- places where security and privacy are mandated. Then will come big corporations, where information-technology managers will find it easier to control and protect their networks.

"None of this is a cinch. One hurdle is getting people to trust Microsoft."
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Sun joins Microsoft on Web services security effort. "While, Microsoft and Sun may still go head-to-head on other technology standards related to Web services, at least there will be agreement on how to handle security, one of the most vital aspects to the nascent movement aimed at enabling corporations to more easily conduct business online."
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Don Box: XML & Inclusion. "XML Schema imposes a type system over XML Infosets that is very similar to the OO type systems you are familiar with. This makes XML Schemas well-suited for importing directly into Java or C# programs. Unfortunately, the XML Schema type system has features that don't make sense if your world doesn't revolve around named user-defined types (e.g., several script languages, SQL, etc.). For that reason, some members of the XML community has been lobbying for something with a looser type model than XML Schemas. Had the XML Schema working group made it clearer how to do this sort of thing with XML Schemas, I believe the time for adoption would be that much shorter." []
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XML Protocol Working Group: last call announcement for review of the SOAP Version 1.2 specification. SOAP Version 1.2 Usage Scenarios. Interesting.
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Henrik Frystyk Nielsen: "FWIW, SOAP 1.2 doesn't claim that SOAP was ever an acronym, it just says that in SOAP 1.2, it is not. Also whether it is simple or not was not really a deciding factor simply because nobody could provide a simple definition of what simple means."
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