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daily link  Thursday, August 22, 2002

Several books from O'Reilly that I'm going to buy.

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd EditionInformation Architecture for the World Wide Web 2ed. "We've updated the chapters on organization, labeling, navigation, and searching, and illustrated the interconnectedness of these systems in a new chapter on thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and metadata. And we've expanded the methodology chapters to include a more interdisciplinary collection of tools and techniques. We've complemented the top-down strategies of the first edition with bottom-up approaches that enable distributed, emergent solutions."
Mastering Regular Expressions, 2nd EditionMastering Regular Expressions 2ed. "If you don't use regular expressions yet, you will discover in this book a whole new world of mastery over your data. If you already use them, you'll appreciate this book's unprecedented detail and breadth of coverage."
Essential BloggingEssential Blogging. "Written by leading bloggers, Essential Blogging includes practical advice and insider tips on the features, requirements, and limitations of applications such as Blogger, Radio Userland, Movable Type, and Blosxom. This book will get you up and blogging in no time."
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