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daily link  Sunday, August 11, 2002

Jon Udell on Radio deployment descriptors. "I was reminded of: (1) how much non-default configuration I depend on, (2) how little I remembered having done that configuration, and (3) how hard it was to articulate, then transfer, that configuration." I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with custom configuration. I'm doing installations for my co-workers and would like to be able to set up proper configuration with minimal effort. The easiest way that I found is probably to use radioStartupCommands.txt file, which is executed at every startup. The problem is that weblogData.root (which is where the most preferences are stored) is not opened when radioStartupCommands.txt is executed, so I need to open the database myself in radioStartupCommands.txt. Any ideas on how to do that? Ideally I would like to have "Save configuration as" button that will create that file with ALL setting I currently have, so I can enable/disable some of them and update Radio configuration. One more Radio question: How to update templates without republishing the whole site?
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