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 Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Outlook2RSS - Outlook Folders to RSS Feeds

So, I took Peter Drayton's slick Google2RSS and made my own Outlook2RSS.  I'm running it as part of the Task Scheduler and creating RSS feeds for Outlook Folders and Exchange Public Folders (cuz nobody looks in Public Folders, right?) ala:

Outlook2RSS.exe -folder "Public Folders\All Public Folders\For Sale" -title "Corillian - For Sale" -desc "Corillian Employee Stuff for Sale" -link "http://computername/RSSFeeds/CorillianForSale.xml" -outfile "path/CorillianForSale.xml"

The format for the -folder parameter is just a backslash delimited string with like folder1/folder2/folder3, just as Outlook displays it.  For Exchange users, you'd do something like: -folder "Mailbox - Scott Hanselman\Inbox\Spam" or "Public Folders\All Public Folders\For Sale."

I'm using it as a Very Poor Man's Outblog [regrets to Ingo :) ] to publish specific project folders and my Status Updates to my boss from my personal Outlook stash to RSS Feeds.  Any MailItems or Posts in an Outlook Folder will show up in the RSS Feed. Maybe I'll add to what little I did with support for graphics, etc...a client side "pull" model of OutBlog, or make it an Outlook Add-In.

Note #1: Make sure you have the Office XP Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs) and Outlook running on any box you use this on.  

Note #2:  The feeds it creates MAY look odd on NewsGator v0.9, but Greg has fixed this for v1.0.

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WS-I Basic Profile, Baby - If you don't know, you better ask somebody!

"If you're an infrastructure player and don't buy into the WS-I group, don't even show up--we won't do business with you," Merrill Lynch CTO John McKinley said in reference to the Web Services Interoperability Organization, a standards group led by Microsoft and IBM to make sure competing Web services software can communicate.

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All the Distributed News that's Fit to Print - by Ingo Rammer

Distributed .NET Newsletter.
Early next week, I'll send out the first issue of my free "Distributed .NET Newsletter".

This bi-weekly newsletter contains real world tips and tricks about .NET Remoting, Web Services and EnterpriseServices, and design guidance for distributed applications. You'll also find the occasional pointers to other free resources like white papers, patterns&practices documents or other great samples on the web.

You can subscribe to the newsletter in HTML or plaintext format at
[Ingo Rammer's DotNetCentric]

When Ingo speaks about Remoting, I listen - you should to.

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