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Monday, June 10, 2002

Its going to be ok, Simon.  Close you eyes and take a deep breath.. now picture a quiet meadow...

I'm just always amazed by how much email I get during the weekend.  And then I find myself sitting in bed with the laptop, glued to the screen for another day.  And then I notice that the sun is coming up and the birds are getting louder, and its almost time to go to work again.  What really gets me is when I'm hanging out in the living room, and my family is all around me, and people are having conversations, sometimes with me, and I have no idea what anyone is talking about.. I'm barely aware that they are there at all.

One of my best friends in college, and the guy who convinced me to get into programming.. get this.. didn't have a PC at his house!  He only wrote code at work, and he left it all there.  Admirable to say the least!

Wait.. what am I doing here again??  Time to turn this thing off and get my beauty sleep!  Later....

10:11:31 PM    

Another NEBC victory!  Congrats to Cassie White on her win at the Pro-1-2-3 race in Auburn yesterday.

“Racing lets me do battle,” said Cassie White of Lempster, N.H. “The world is kind of mundane, and to come out here and get so close to dying helps you put things in perspective. Coming out every weekend is fun, and it gives me something to do.”

2:54:26 PM    

Jon Udell has a written up a bunch of interesting thoughts from his experience with our Groove space.  We're all getting pretty intrigued by what this could become.  Its an interesting intersection with folks who are heavy bloggers, and others who are heavy groovers.  Fascinating to see how some of these minds work.  And the rapid experimentation with actual code is moving at a pretty good clip at this point.

Hugh Pyle also made this point (quoted by Udell):

Am I writing this stuff with a Groove Networks Inc. hat on? No, of course not; it's more informal than that. Could a stranger quote out of context, and make me hold to my words? Of course; I like the Rheingold-type "you own your words"; but the public-private boundary shouldn't be too fluid!"

This is something that freaked me out too.  The space started out with 4 or 5 of us, and in my mind a Groove shared space is private.  Then the link got posted to the web, then the entire contents of the discussion got posted to the web.  There are certain things that you say when you don't think anyone else is listening.  But putting content on the web means that not only is it accesible to anyone in the world - its also available to bots.  And naturally this content is going to be read thoroughly by my boss, along with everything I said.  (Did I mention that my boss is a super amazing awesome person in every way?)  Nobody stated that the conversation was public or private - it just spiralled organically.  It does beg for more control - Groove says that its all private and the Web says that its all public.  So is there a middle ground?  Web sites with authentication?  Groove spaces with policy controlled Edge Services?

7:47:42 AM    

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