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Monday, July 14, 2003

Thank you Augustine for bringing Jay to the blogosphere

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This is Avi's alter ego Marty - the king of procrastination

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I am big now and the guardian of Rob's place  but I wasn't always like that. I was abandoned as a small puppy and someone took me to the humane society. They told the visitors that I was part German Shepherd and part Lab. I think that this frightened a lot of folks off. Every day for four months I hoped that someone would take me home. Other dogs that did not find a home soon went off and never came back. I wondered where they went and I wondered why they did not take me away as well. But one day, a noisy family came by with lots of children in tow and the woman, Robin, looked me in the eye and I chose her. Here I am later the next day having my first bath. I hate baths! I have sad eyes don't I?

Rob has let me visit his blog. He is not bad at talking about head things. But he is rotten at talking about heart things. So that is what I will do now and then. Hi Augustine - talk more later


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The next 2 weeks are very busy and you wont hear much from me.
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