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Thursday, September 04, 2003

I have FM Radio and Radio. In the lst few weeks my upstreaming has been inconsistent. Sometimes it acts as per normal with a bit of a delay. Ohters I have to reboot - today maybe 6 times and reset my modem and redit the posts to get them iup.

I ahve a poor highspeed connection with lots of noise and when it rains - like today - Radio is especially vulnerable.

Any ideas?

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Test again - I am getting fed up!!!!
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Testing - inconsistent uploading
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Test more uploading problems
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My dear friend Esme Johnstone, owns Château de Sours in Bordeaux. It is the harvest or vendage. He keeps diary of how this peak event takes place and for those of you that enjoy wine - here is a window into the process.

Esme is also a great host and has a beautiful place which you can rent - more on the site

He started his interest in wine at his father's table. He and I as little boys were introduced to the delights of the grape way before the legal age for drinking. I still only drink it but Esme went on to start Majestic Wine Warehouse in the UK which transformed how wine was sold. Until then, you bought it from small shops or from stuffy wine merchants. Esme in effect started big box wine retailing. For some time now Esme and Sara have owned and operated Château de Sours. He introduced the region to many of the better Australian processes and can as a result make good wine every year and great wine quite often. This year has the potential to be one of the greatest years ever with so much sun that he will have a small but very high quality yield.


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