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What is really going on beneath the surface? What is the nature of the bifurcation that is unfolding? That's what interests me.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Escapable Logic. I wrote the other day about the effects many of the new technologies have had on me. I am getting more involved in the greater community, to an extent that was unthinkable for me before. Fear and complacency were big reasons. Now I am not as afraid to get involved. The site, Escapable Logic, presents another blueprint for how people and technologies are creating things that have not been seen before. Read about the campaign in a box. or how to raise $1 billion dollars for Dean. Or Minimalism. Its author, Britt Blaser, is demonstrating just what can happen to a complex political campaign when new tools allow ordinary people to self-organize. What is amazing is that, to a large extent, the Dean campaign is not fighting this. to me, that says more about them than any number of speeches. The next year will be interesting. [A Man with a Ph.D. - Richard Gayle's Weblog]

A great site!!! Thanks Richard

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