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Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2002

I unblog for the next 3 weeks.
4:11:44 PM    

Yeah, there is a Mozilla 1.0.0 release party in Kassel ... but only 1 attendee so far. Hmm... maybe I go to Bocholt. If you want to know wether there is a party near you, check out the Mozilla 1.0.0 party locator. There are currently 2272 people partying in 143 different parties.
4:10:45 PM    

While following some links of Bringing the Cathedral to the Bazaar I stumbled over this article from Clay Shirky. I can't believe it's from 3/98:

If it were April Fool's Day, the Net's only official holiday, and you wanted to design a 'Novelty Protocol' to slip by the Internet Engineering Task Force as a joke, it might look something like the Web:

Want more?

In fact, had the Web been a strong and well-designed entity from its inception, it would have gone nowhere.

Ok, ok, I stop quoting. Read it. It's certainly worth a read for anyone involved in the SOAP vs. REST debate.

2:37:38 PM    

Valdis Krebs [from John Udell's article on O'Reilly Network]

An organization's data is found in its computer systems, but a company's intelligence is found in its biological and social systems. Computer networks must support the people networks in today's fluid and adaptive organizations -- not the other way around.

1:39:59 PM    

Integrating Development talks about the value of IDEs.
10:35:29 AM    

David Rosenstrauch wrote a Cocoon article in Java Developer's Journal.

10:33:39 AM    

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