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Friday, August 27, 2004

Bloglet, an ingenious service for news subscription services, allows you to easily subscribe to interesting newsletters via email; at last count, they include 11,903 free newsletters. Like us, The World Veterinary Association uses Bloglet's handy service to offer a free email subscription to their daily news headlines. Other sites which include this service:  Current News in Veterinary Medicine, Dancing with Dogs,  Miscelanea (veterinary and cat information)

National Geographic's Photo of the day:Today's photo

National Geographic's Photo of the Day [via Wilson's Blogmanac]

DVMvac.org has just announced its presence on the web and promises to provide veterinarians with the latest news on vaccines and disease outbreaks which vaccines can address. Today's latest press release tracks Leptospirosis:

"... veterinarians across the country are keeping a close watch on the recent outbreak  Leptospirosis, a potentially deadly canine disease that has already killed several dogs this summer. Leptospirosis thrives in water sources and is commonly found after periods of heavy rain. Animals which come into contact with water sources that have been contaminated with urine of infected wildlife are most at risk ..." [PR Newswire]