01 June 2002

Now I can publish the contents of several Groove tools using the RU-community server + XML-RPC. Check out this OPML created from an Outliner Tool in Groove, and then sent to the RU-server using xmlStorageSystem.SaveMultipleFiles. This concept can be used for almost every Tool in Groove.
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Reinstalled Radio, just to find out all my posts are gone... Blast! But have the blogrollmacro running now, which was reason of reinstall....

As I said: I'm awaiting Groove Edge Services with great impatience. John Burkhardt promises it will be available this summer...

Ok, will try to reconstruct some stuff I wrote recently:

I'm experimenting with SOAP and XML-RPC to publish content from a Groove shared space to the web using Radio Userland. I made a Groove Tool capable of:

Hehe: nice to know Dave Winer is following our efforts:

I get my news of Groove from Jeroen Bekkers. I read his site every time it updates. They're doing some wild and crazy things. Notably, connecting Groove to Radio Community Server and OPML. At first I thought -- oh my god -- I'm going to have to serve all those Groove users. Then I relaxed. Let's give it a try. It wasn't how I initially thought we'd connect, but if it works, let's go for it.

And Matt Pope:

John Burkhardt makes a good point about the DevX write-up (I should have caught this): "I would also add one more small correction.  The article suggests that Edge Services will allow Groove to serve and consume SOAP.  Groove can already consume SOAP today.  That's how we do the management server, but other people have written tools to take advantage of it, like Tim Knip for example!"

yup! I like this stuff...

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