24 June 2002

Upgraded the Groovey HTTP-Server Tool a bit: you now can participate - from the web - in a Groove discussion. Better still: I'm thinking about creating a socket-server running within a Groove Tool, this way interaction with webusers would be 'live'. Also: build a simple SOAP-responder into the server, this way the server could interact for instance with Radio Userland : a radio macro which soaps the Groove Tool.
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Also busy with a Groove Tool which retreives messages from POP-boxes and publishes subject and body as a RSS-newsfeed. Hehe: I'm now subscribed to my email-account's newsfeed in Radio Userland. The tool can also send email to your favourite smtp-server. Mmmm, yet another way to publish Groove content? Thanks Jon Udell for inspiration.
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