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Telecoms, Internet and Convergence

daily link  25 June 2002

Egyptians Flock to New Net Plan

Egyptians Flock to New Net Plan. Egypt scraps its old Internet subscription plan in favor of per-hour dial-up charges, resulting in an immediate and welcome spike in usage. [Wired News] This is an interesting model of access network revenue sharing with telcos, one method that national ministries or regulators, in this case the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), have used to stimulate Internet usage for their general population.

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PSO General Assembly Meeting

Bret Fausett's reports that that archives of last week's meeting of the ICANN Protocol Supporting Organization's annual General Assembly are now available from the PSO web site. The archives include links to the presentations and an audio recording available in RealAudio format. [icann.Blog] I could also add this includes an update on ENUM from the Chairman of ITU-T Study Group 2.

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SMS over TV?

From the covergence file: The Register is reporting on Coming soon: SMS TV. For readers in countries who aren't aware of the popularity of text messaging over mobile phones, NUA gives one example by reporting that, according to the Swedish regulator, PTSSwedish mobile users sent over 1 billion SMS messages during 2001. [Only for statistics mavens: I always thought it'd be interesting to plot the growth of SMS messaging vis-à-vis Internet email traffic but I'm unaware of where to find any real good indicators on email traffic. Anyone who has an idea on how to estimate this is invited to contact me.]

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Spyware, adware: the enemy within

News.com has a special report on spyware and adware being surreptitiously installed on users' PCs: "The Wild West days of cyberspace are over--and, like it or not, it's time for government to change its laissez-faire attitude toward the Internet and create laws that clearly prevent unscrupulous businesses from preying on unsuspecting consumers and seizing control of computers."

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Watch this airspace and parasitic networks

The Economist has an article on wireless telecoms: Four disruptive technologies are emerging that promise to render not only the next wave of so-called 3G wireless networks irrelevant, but possibly even their 4G successors. For me, the most fascinating wireless technology is the concept of mesh networks, similar to Peter Cochrane's concepts of 'parasitic networks' requiring zero infrastructure. This seems to me to offer the possibility of rapid organic network growth once the network is initially 'seeded'.

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