Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2002

Scott Hanselman is a great guy. Subscribed.
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Preparing for the Web Services DevCon today.

I just wrote a little C# project wizard for VS.NET that's the giveaway with my talk: "ASP.NET Soap Extension" creates a SOAP extension complete with format extension (WSDL annotation), WSDL importer (client), WSDL reflector (server), project installer (for use with MSI) and a "headers.xsd" to contain the header schema. The resulting projects don't do much (of course) but it a few hundred code lines of work already done and the tricky things like machine.config installation already covered.

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Richard Stallman and myself are on the same page. That's very rare and very funny. At least to me. 
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HELP!  So, after looking at this for a bit it seems that the content pages are still in the cloud but that my calendar is broken and that there is indeed no local backup of things. Why is that backup option in Radio off by default? It's not that I am posting megabytes of stuff. I want to get the blog back to what it was. Help! 
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I restored a backup of my Radio files after rebuilding the machine (needed to be done). I was thinking everything is XML based and that I could simply restore all files.... Doesn't seem to be that way. I don't have the time to look at this closely now, but it is disturbing that apparently most things were lost....

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